What is factura electrónica?

Since the beginning of the year 2018, it is established by law that business people, such as persons offering a professional service, are obliged to report their sales as their expenses through electronic invoicing. This is a measure taken by the Treasury Department of Costa Rica to reduce tax evasion and bring better control of tax collection in the country.

An electronic invoice is a document endorsed by the ministry of finance which contains the corresponding consecutive hacienda to identify it, this also generates files that are used to report that invoice as an expense that are two xml files (the invoice and the acknowledgment of reception) in the case of being the consumer.

How can I make an factura electronica?


The process of electronic invoicing tends to be complicated many times even difficult to understand, I will recommend a series of systems where you can choose which is best suited to your business model and most importantly all have the electronic billing requested by the Ministry of Finance, also stress that all systems can be accessed from the PC as mobile devices

If you need to make fast invoices directly with a moderate client volume, FACTURARONLINE is the best choice, On the other hand if the service they provide is from a restaurant and you want to take better control of the orders, tables and orders to the kitchen POSMOVI-RESTAURANTE is the best option.another option for the type of business specialized in the automotive area, where you need to take full control of work orders and cars in your workshop there is no doubt that TALLERALPHA is the right system to work. If your business is moved and you need to constantly make electronic invoices, inventory management, sales reports, POSMOVI is the system that will make those tasks easier.

In conclusion the electronic invoice is a fundamental process for any business, soft design offers a wide range of apps to streamline these processes, visit their website from here Design Soft and also visit your YouTube channel where you will find informative videos on their systems.

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