Capacity Management - How Float Works
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See who's busy and who's not, and find the best team for the job

Manage your team's availability in one shared view. Set individual work hours, add public holidays, and schedule time off for an accurate picture of your team's capacity.

Person tags, departments etc.

Assign job titles, departments, and tags

Let everyone know who's who by adding job titles, organizing your team into searchable departments, and identifying skills and other info with tags.

Manage part-time resource availability

Designate work hours for your team

Set default work hours and days for your team or customize each person's availability. Make point in time changes to a team member's capacity without impacting your reporting.

Manage your team work hours and availability

Public holidays, regional holidays time off management

Add public and team holidays to manage time off

Import public holidays based on your team's location, create your own custom public holidays, and schedule team holidays to give everyone time off.

Create a scheduled status to keep your team in the loop

Whether you're working from home, traveling, or simply out of the office for a bit, set a scheduled status to let your team know where you are and what you're up to.

See scheduled statuses for people on your team

Plan future hires and projects using unassigned roles

Roadmap your resources ahead of time with unassigned roles. Add new hires or contractors and store an unlimited number of tasks until they're ready to be delegated to your team.

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